What we have been up to! Stacey :)

Hi guys!

Hope you are all keeping well during this mad mad time that we are in. Ill admit, i'm not coping the best, starting to miss even bumping into people on the street, but trying to keep strong and know we will make it through.

As the first creator of this blog, we wanted to give you all a bit of insight into what we are doing, along with a series of things to do, and how to keep yourself motivated (any ideas from you all are more than welcome!)

Me, i've not really left the house. Being in a 1 bed apartment alone hasn't been the best, but in a more positive mind set, hasn't been the worst. I found a virtual mission app, allowing me to set distances and track them. I'm very lucky in the sense that I have a stationary bike (thanks mum & dad, one of the best and most apt christmas presents I've ever got!), and so have been on that for a very large portion of the day. Keeping to a routine has also been key to keeping myself sane! Waking up and being out of bed for 8, doing whatever, and making sure that I am behind the computer ready to work for 9.

Netball wise, I think the main focus for us all is to keep fit, healthy and motivated. Although the first few weeks of quarantine may have been a case of dealing with it however you can (making your fridge your new best friend, relying on deliveroo for everything!), is now an unknown stay at home, where the above is just not viable. There are so many different and free workouts online, from HiiT to shadow boxing, netball drills to yoga, there is no reason not to get your backside out of bed and get moving. I will be the first to say, I hate these. For anyone that knows me, I LOVE a workout class. Don't quite know why, but the competitive element of lifting heavier, running faster, or cycling harder than the person next to you really gets me going. Sometimes I cannot get myself motivated with workouts at home (especially when you have someone shouting at you to do burpees, no thank you!), so the fact that I have my bike has been key to keeping myself in some form of shape.

In the meantime, just stay positive. Try to find the silver lining of everything. Use this time at home to talk to family, do the things that you have been meaning to do for months but have never gotten round too. We will make it out of this!

Stacey xx

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